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I want to thank all users, without all of you this would never have been possible,special thanks to Mister-Lou.

Volkswagen militia avatar by LittleBigDave .



Group rules

:bulletgreen:1.Never insert images taken from the net,other site,forums ecc...

:bulletred:2.Only images of your property,No stolen art.

:bulletblue:3.The administrator will select the photos before they are included in the gallery.

:bulletpurple:4.Prohibited the photos that contain any political reference.

:bulletblack:5.Users can only add photos that have as subject the cars of the German brand "Volkswagen", no other brands, except some cars from "Audi" and "Porsche".

:bulletyellow:6.Prohibited profanity and pornography.

:bulletorange:7.For new members: post your photos in the gallery using the "submit art" function or suggest a fav with the "Suggest a fav".

:bulletwhite:8.We hate Asian cars and Opels,because we do not like the plastic!

:bulletpink:9.Don't drink and drive,never.

:bulletgreen:10.Volkswagen Militia support safe driving.

:bulletred:11.If you have any problems please contact the administrator, do not write polemics or spam in the group.

:bulletblue:12.You can submit as many photos as you like, there are no limits to number or time.

:bulletpurple:13.Fell free to write a blog entry concerning the Volkswagen world.

:bulletblack:14.To all members: If you see stolen art in this group report it immediately to the administrator who will remove such photos.Thanks for your cooperation.

:bulletwhite:15.You don't like Volkswagens? We do not like all the others!

:bulletred:16.The only real Volkswagen group on Deviant Art, beware from the other similar groups, are only imitations!

:bulletorange:17.We recommend the use of the watermark on your works.